Online Marketing Trends 2012

2.07.2012 | Online Marketing

New Year, new strategies, new challenges. The online marketing trends for 2012 from my observation, analysis and research, are:

1. Mobile marketing – mobile phones are cheaper and people can get online easily. Mobile users use “voice search” which would be different from ‘keyword’ search. Mobile searches will increase… websites need … More Details

Online Marketing Training Workshops

12.08.2011 | Online Marketing

Learn how to create an effective online strategy by knowing the fundamentals of online marketing and how social media affects your chances of being seen in top search engines!

Contact for more details or if you want to setup a customized training programme for your business…. More Details

Running a small business in Australia?

4.10.2011 | Online Marketing

If you’re running a small business in Australia, and you think you have a potential international or online market, kindly help answer this survey.  Your insights and feedback are greatly appreciated.

LVD Consulting

Online Product Marketing

Truth About Online Marketing for Small Businesses

10.10.2010 | Online Marketing

Starting up a business online is not easy to start let alone sustain. The continuous improvement of web applications make it quite difficult for business owners to update their knowledge in marketing through online channels while they are busy with the daily operations of their business. 80% of all online … More Details

New Google Search Layout

3.01.2010 | Online Marketing

Google Search has now updated its search layout for better customer experience. What does this imply for small businesses who sell their products and services online? Read this article from LVDConsulting Blog.

Create a Successful Online Business

2.12.2010 | Online Marketing

The real success of an online marketing company is not whether it can move up a website to the first page of Google or if it can gather millions of impressions. Sure all these will help but these will be useless if the website does not generate revenue to sustain … More Details

Contact Us

1.09.2009 | Online Marketing

Business Location: Sydney-Manila-Tokyo-WellingtonContact number: +64-6-3441006Mobile number: +639175049493Gtalk: valuesourcer@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.LVDConsulting.comBlog:

Contact Us

1.08.2009 | Online Marketing

Business Location: Sydney-Manila-Tokyo-WellingtonContact number: +64-6-3441006Mobile number: +639175049493Gtalk: valuesourcer@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.LVDConsulting.comBlog:

  • Social Media Management & Product & Location Photography - We help businesses to leverage social media to build their brands and network links. Our years of online marketing experience helps you engage with your audience and inspire sales. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, have become a powerful marketing channel - marketing by word of mouth online!
    Content Development - We create original, unique, targeted, optimized content. Using our skills in research and analysis, we help business owners develop entertaining, informational and insightful content within their budgets.
    Web Design - We provide affordable web development solutions to small businesses. Simple web design packages range from $399.95 to $549.95 A good website highlights your business' strengths and value proposition. The images and content reflect the customer benefits. The website navigation is intuitive to guide customers where to go and how to contact you. Create a clean and professional website today! Contact us.
    Online Advertising - Create powerful, creative and attention grabbing online ads with Google Adwords, Facebook etc. Control your budget and monitor results in real-time. We can help you setup your online advertising accounts, analyse your competitors, use the right keywords to help boost online sales.

    Business Development

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