LVD Consulting is an organization dedicated to promote entrepreneurship and value-based marketing concepts. We attempt to assist young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and small business owners in conceptualizing, creating, promoting and selling their products and services online.

LVD Consulting was founded in 2009 by strategic consultants who have been doing online marketing since 2001. With almost a decade of experience in online marketing, founders of LVDConsulting  have been involved in hundreds of web development projects including websites, blogs, online carts and online control panels. They work with a select high caliber team of strategic business developers, website design experts and talented writers.

LVDConsulting Group VALUES
1. Integrity
We believe that a sustainable business should be aligned with a vision that is consistent with skills of the organization, the demands of the market and the goals of the business owners. This is strategic integrity.

We believe that operational and marketing integrity involves consistent values provided by the product being sold and its promotion.

We believe that ethical business practices, respectful business relationships and value-based decision making would make a business owner sustain and profit from his business.

2. Innovation
We believe that ideas give birth to action; carefully thought of ideas will bring forth carefully considered actions; great ideas came from experience and knowledge and most of all from a “way of thinking”.

3. Information
We believe that the best form of charity is to provide well-researched and well-analyzed information — a channel of free but valuable education.

Business Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
New Zealand: +64  9 889 8515 

Skype: leahdeguzman

Our mission statement

Our stated purpose is to provide a range of services to young and mature professionals with career experience who wish to break away from the safety and monotony of their current jobs to establish an exciting new presence in the business world.

  • Social Media Management & Product & Location Photography - We help businesses to leverage social media to build their brands and network links. Our years of online marketing experience helps you engage with your audience and inspire sales. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, have become a powerful marketing channel - marketing by word of mouth online!
    Content Development - We create original, unique, targeted, optimized content. Using our skills in research and analysis, we help business owners develop entertaining, informational and insightful content within their budgets.
    Web Design - We provide affordable web development solutions to small businesses. Simple web design packages range from $399.95 to $549.95 A good website highlights your business' strengths and value proposition. The images and content reflect the customer benefits. The website navigation is intuitive to guide customers where to go and how to contact you. Create a clean and professional website today! Contact us.
    Online Advertising - Create powerful, creative and attention grabbing online ads with Google Adwords, Facebook etc. Control your budget and monitor results in real-time. We can help you setup your online advertising accounts, analyse your competitors, use the right keywords to help boost online sales.

    Business Development

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