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You have heard a lot about the benefits of online marketing. You have a great product or service you can offer. But you are worried about the costs of setting up a website. You are not technically savvy but you are very open to the possibility of owning an online business.

LVDConsulting understands your concerns.

If you think you are prepared to explore the big potential of doing business online, please email

To minimize your risk, LVDConsulting is prepared to offer “customized” website , a free online store and content management package to you at a total flat rate of NZ$1500 (USD$750). This is at least 40% less than the cost you would incur in majority of the web site development service providers.

What do you get for the NZ1500 package?

1. Website design, 10 page website

2. Logo Design

3. Website maintenance, update services for 1 year!

4. Webhosting – FREE

5. Free Domain Name Registration

6. Free online training on how to setup your own free blog

7. Free online training on how to setup your own free online store

The best thing about LVDConsulting services is that we walk you through every step of the process.

If you want to know how we can develop your site, call us at +06 344 1006 for a free consultation and website analysis (if you have an existing one).

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