Interesting Online Trends

I gathered a few interesting statistics today. However, as usual, let’s be critical of the information we get online.

Of the 1,058 online shoppers surveyed 75% said they would not return to a website if it took more than 4 seconds to load. Only high prices and shipping costs ranked higher in their concerns. Source Click here.

Did you know that when you send out a mass email with religious content, there’s a 33.32% chance that your email will be read? This is more than double if you send out a mass mail about “entertainment and events”which has an open rate of only 12%. Click here for more info. This data is from 233 million emails delivered by Mailchimp system. Mailchimp is an email marketing solutions provider. This is actually good data. The quality of this data is dependent on the credibility of this company. Assuming this is a reliable data, it’s still not to be considered Gospel. As you can not assume that this statistics could be applicable to your case. You need info on whether this data is from a worldwide market survey or if it’s just for USA.

A very good experienced sales man can only realistically expect around 5% success rate for cold calls. Click here for more info.

The problem with statistics like this one is that it doesn’t define the meaning of “success rate” does that mean “closed sale” or the customer said he is interested?

I suggest business owners conduct their own customer survey. They can simply send out email to their customers. The email contains a questionnaire. The information they get from their customers’ responses could be compensated with a discount from their products or services. Market data is pretty expensive if you purchase it from Market Research companies. Reports range from $500 to $2000 USD depending on the industry.

If you’d like to discuss low cost solutions to developing online surveys and questionnaires that would surely get valid responses from your new or existing customers, email LVDConsulting Group can provide customer survey solutions ($100) and data analysis ($150).

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