Online Marketing Trends 2012

New Year, new strategies, new challenges. The online marketing trends for 2012 from my observation, analysis and research, are:

1. Mobile marketing – mobile phones are cheaper and people can get online easily. Mobile users use “voice search” which would be different from ‘keyword’ search. Mobile searches will increase… websites need to be compatible with mobile… sooner or later.

2. Real-time connections, News Events, Big events – people get connected via twitter when there are big events (celebrations, holidays, disasters, political rallies etc). Most news networks also now find the ‘latest’ news by going through twitter updates. It is also very convenient to ‘tweet’ using mobile that’s why a lot of people randomly share thoughts, share ideas, share new products/services, photos etc via twitter.

3. Email marketing – it is still helpful to develop a database and email them with offers especially on occasions like Valentines day, Christmas etc and customers need to giveaway gifts.

4. Online consumers are big bargain hunters. It is going to be useful to come up with promotions regularly – creative promotions occasionally. Small businesses need to embrace this.

5. Content marketing will be very important. Fresh, original and entertaining content – via stories, ebooks, videos, photos. Longer content – more useful insights better.

6. Old school seo – buying links, exchanging links, keywords optimization will slow down as Google (biggest search engine) will focus more on social media results.

7. Free tools like Google Analytics – There are talks that Google will start to charge for this. Or they will offer a ‘basic’ account and if you want more data, you will have to pay for it. Data that Google is trying to ‘charge for’ are: keyword referrals (or which keywords give most traffic).

8. Collecting facebook likes will be less relevant than actually connecting with the ‘fans’.

I’m sure there’d be more surprises in the next few months…

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Written by LeahVillanueva

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