Our Products and Services

1. Educational Materials

* Books on Stocks and Property Investments
* Books on Business Management

2. Short courses, trainings and seminars

* Marketing 101 – Basic Marketing Course
* Online Marketing – Using Google (Search Engines) and the internet to let your products known
* Using Numbers in Marketing – Six Sigma Marketing Analysis, Data Mining

3. Marketing Consulting Services

* Market Study – Macro and Micro economic analysis
* Market Survey and Data Analysis
* Marketing Strategy Development
* Implementations Assistance

4. Online Marketing Services

* Website Development
* Online Presence Improvement
* Online Marketing and PPC Management

5. Free Online Information


6. Customer Service Solutions

Email: lvdconsulting1@gmail.com for Customer Service Requirements

7. Business and Marketing Mentors

Sometimes, even the most successful entrepreneurs need a critical insight. LVDConsulting provides marketing consulting and business assistance programs by matching a critical analyst and a business owner or entrepreneur.

Do you think you need a wider perspective? Email lvdconsulting1@gmail.com to inquire for eligibility for business assistance.

Critical feedback on strategy before execution will save business money and would enhance revenue opportunity. For a minimum fee of $49.95 per month, you’d have business assistance from critical analysts and business executives from LVDConsulting.

Sign up for Business Assistance TODAY.

Click here for a complete list of our products and services.

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