Penguin Update

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Everyone in SEO land is talking about the coming of the Penguin and how the cute creature wrecked havoc in their customers’ or their own business’ revenues. Penguin update from Google mostly affected websites or blogs which depend on advertising (Google Adsense, for example) to generate revenue. These are mostly highly optimized websites or blogs. This brings us to question the ethical principles involved. Was it wrong to over optimize? It’s like asking – Is it wrong to over promote? Over optimization has always been a gray area for me. I think that those people who have technical skills and those who have been able to create effective SEO strategies to help clients support their businesses online have done what they can to improve their client’s website rankings. Since Google is the main player in the search industry, SEO experts, agencies and contractors need to know the new rules. Afterall, Google’s goal is to provide original, reliable and helpful content. The Penguin update is a new call to business owners to up their game in the world of online content. Time to stretch the imagination, gather more following, create useful and viral content which help people.

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