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8.06.2010 | Starting a Business Online

A lot of small business owners start a business on the following premise: they are really good at the technical requirements of the business that they can operate on their own. Running a business isn’t the same as executing on the services or products that the business intends to offer. There is a whole different level of marketing and management requirements that is needed.

Since the proliferation of social networks, online channels and online media, this misconception is pushed to its limit. More business owners think they can overcome their marketing woes if they have a facebook page, a twitter or if they have a website to market the skills they offer as a business owner.

And this is the biggest mistake because this is an additional cost on top of the poorly planned business to begin with.

Run a business like a business – not a hobby or a skill that you think you do best.

A website or the internet is not always the solution to great small business success. Study the proposals of online marketing providers and approach their recommendations with a critical mind. Study the requirements of your business and your ability to sustain the work load or the marketing requirements of the online space. Make the decision based on your capability to understand these requirements and act on them personally or through a trained staff member.

Create real presence online with your website. Do not just “have a website’. Use it well.

– LVDConsulting, Online Marketing Specialist

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