Have you been retrenched, or are you stuck in a job you don’t like? Thinking about setting up your own online business? LVDConsulting can provide the tools to get your online business started.  There has never been a better time to start a business venture. A recession is the best time to plan your business system so that it’s functioning optimally when those sales start flowing.

Low Cost Online Support

For start up business owners who have not grown up with so much familiarity with the internet and online marketing tools, we offer a range of support services to get you to the forefront of online marketing.

1.    Critical analysts to help you assess the marketability of your website and products.
2.    Online consultants who can provide further support for you.   It’s amazing just how many credible free services are out there. Basically we want to perform the taxing work for you, since we have been doing this for years.
3.    Access to affordable web developers in the Philippines who will be able to develop an effective and appealing website for you.

Training Services

LVDConsulting offers training services for small businesses and start up companies. To register for a training seminar, one one one tutoring or group lecture sessions, please contact